In my previous posts I think I’ve tried writing a little too much as if my thoughts were being put into an article or an essay. That’s how I’ve done the majority of my writing. But what I really want to do is create a community where it’s safe to come together and talk and share ideas. There is a reason why you’re all here reading. I’m not sure it’s because you view me as an expert with something valuable to say but perhaps it’s to find something relatable, something that resonates with you, something that helps you know that you are not alone.

I think we try too hard to fight too much to be different than our neighbor. Cliche as reality may be, the truth is we all have a different point of view, our outlook on the world is unique, but what’s the harm in actually agreeing with what some one else believes? The most important, the most vital thing we can do is stay true. Fight for truth. Defend what we believe. Stick to our guns. Don’t be afraid to believe your morals and show others that you have them.

I feel like I run into problems here a lot. Sometimes, I’d rather not argue. And it’s true, you gotta pick your battles and just let some things go. But sometimes I don’t even want to be different than other people. Sometimes I just want to fit in. Ya feel?

But I have a proposal: try to fit into your own skin.

How? Well, what are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to try but never had the guts to take a shot at? Are you afraid of what others might think? Are you afraid that you’ll want to give up just after a short time? Or afraid that you’ll fail and people will tell you, “see, I told you to just stick to the mold”?

Let me share with you what a wise man once told me, “you’re failing right now because you’re not even trying.” You want to try, just add some action to it. So go for it! To let fear and anxiety and perfectionism stop you is to fail. A baby’s first steps are not smooth sailing by any means, and yet, they’re able to pull themselves back up afterwards.


What is it that you’ve been hesitant to pursue? What’s holding you back? What about yourself do you want to develop but can’t find the confidence or motivation to take that first step?

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  1. Beggy says:

    Yes, try to fit into your own skin and be the best version of yourself.


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