Poetry is the communication of emotions through literary devices. Actually, communication is how we share emotions between one another with the help of a little exaggeration and a dash of hyperbole, the literary devices most commonly employed. However, poetry can foster sympathy and empathy. Words can be powerful and I think poetry is the perfect way to see them in action. I also think this is why it’s my favorite way to express myself.

With poetry, it’s not really important to understand the meaning behind what an author is saying. It is not important to understand whether the heart wrenching feeling they are recounting is based on the death of a loved one, crippling depression, or because of a wrench thrown into the perfect life plan. All the audience needs to understand is the grief, the hurt, the pain, and the tears.

The secondary message- now remember this is simply my opinion, a more scholarly person may argue a different case- is that of commenting on a way of life. Any literary style or device, such as sarcasm, can show a person’s opinion on something without them coming right out and saying it. I’m not saying the author remains vague and uses lots of pronouns making it confusing to know which way is north because of his murkily defined metaphors leaving the reader lost and confused. On the other hand, a good writer consistently works on their skills like a plant soaking up water through its roots, reaching for the sun, and growing well and healthy by using the resources available where it was planted.

And so, I present to you my version of poetry, on which I promise to improve. I am an ameture, seeking out knowledge and growth by the resources that surround me. I hope to share the emotions deep inside me in hopes to set them free: the dark ones, the wild ones, the joyful ones, and the grateful ones. They are all valid and deserve they’re own pair of wings.


Share your own feelings in the comments!

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