I’ve recently started cooking again. When I was younger I loved everything about cooking. The aroma of spices. The biting flavors. The combinations. The ingenuity of it all and what a creative outlet it is. I even looked into applying to culinary school.

I chose a different route but I always find myself coming back to what I truly love: the kitchen. You it’s trendy nowadays to talk about feminism and to break stereotypes and defy the status quo. But that’s all a topic for a different day. You see, what I believe in is what makes people tick. What drives people? What motivates you? What is his passion? What are her daydreams about? And why don’t we chase those daydreams until they become our reality?

It’s “traditional” that my husband would leave in the morning for his office job and come back at night and find me in the kitchen. Here’s the thing. He has his dream job and he’s pursuing a course to move up and learn more in his field of study. The kitchen is my happy place. I’m not there because he told me to make sure I have a sandwich ready  for him to eat when he gets home– although he says I make a pretty mean sandwich. Since getting back in the kitchen, I’ve been spending all day cooking tamales, tiki masala, beans, rice, lentils, cream cheese broccoli, roasted vegetables, taquitos, pork, muffins, bread, mousse, and Japanese curry. If anything I have my husband saying, “slow down!!! We can’t eat all of this!”

I’m grinning underneath my flour shadowed eyes with a mix of raspberry-cranberry mousse for a dimple. That’s why he never tells me to stop, just to make one thing at a time. I’m never very good at that: taking one thing at a time. Whether it’s passions or tasking to-dos, I always take on ten times what I’m able to handle. I think that perhaps most people do that, at least with the seemingly endless list of to-dos, and I think that’s mostly out of necessity because, let’s face it, life is crazy. But there’s no reason that cannot be a positive term. So, for 2019 I’m going to focus a little bit more on making life crazy-fun, crazy-happy, crazy-passionate. There’s plenty of negative to go around, and that’s not always bad, life is full of adversity- after all that’s how we learn- but let’s put a little more energy into the positive. Because, in the end, we get to choose what energies we fuel and passions we pursue.

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