I’m One Of Them

Have you ever felt like there is this disconnect between who you feel others expect you to be and who you would rather become? Because, same. For years I have been chasing this idea of who I believed was the ideal me and it has been a bumpy road to admit that to myself. And so, I’ve ended up here. Writing this as the start of this blog I have been trying to perfect for the better part of four years. In my feigned wisdom I was trying to get it perfect from the start. But, you see, if I was able to accomplish that then what would be the point of this blog– or anything really– if there was no growth to be had in the process?

I figured with the start of 2019 I might as well do something that scares me a little, to live on the edge, and provide myself with this sort of outlet and see if I’m not the only one. I want to see and know and discover and learn if there are others like me who fear of showing a side of them that they think others don’t want to see. Don’t get me wrong, I think I identify as an introvert. My happy place is staying at home organizing, making a mess, and reorganizing again. I like movies and TV shows (especially the cop ones). And as much as I like going on dates with my husband, I also really love making a mess of the kitchen, at home, myself and experimenting on a new recipe. I think it helps me embrace the idea of learning from the mistakes I make and picking myself up out of the ashes (really it’s just a pile of dirty dishes but I would still compare the scene to that of a site where a bomb went off). But I also like exploring and learning and experiencing something new. I like turning strangers into friends and neighbors into family.

So here goes nothing. Hi, I’m Kati. I love my little corner of the world, but I know I need to expand my horizons. I’ll always come back to my roots. My past has brought me to where I am today. And while it’s not where I want to end up, I can’t really complain. So I ask, join me on my journey and let’s grow together, finding our place in the world and discovering who we are.

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